Vinlanda is more than yet another constructor.
We offer you a personalized service.

About Vinlanda

Building dreams together

The essence of Vinlanda is constructing contemporary architecture while also adhering to its core values of respecting the urban space, the environment and above all, the residents. To accomplish this vision, Vinlanda manages the complete production cycle internally, from acquiring the land until the delivery of the key.

Our objective is to offer our clients a choice, the choice to prefer uncompromised quality in a vast and undifferentiated housing market where the needs of the resident are too many times overlooked. We want our buildings to be adaptable to the way of life of its inhabitants and not the other way around. Our apartments and houses can be customized as much as needed, accompanying the changes in the various parts of one’s life.

Within this concept we believe in developing our projects to always respect the current urban landscape and utilize materials and systems that save on scarce natural resources. 
While following these principles we seek to construct buildings with uncompromised quality, so that their value only increases with time passing. Our developments are the result of profound market studies and a constant self-criticizing reflection on our work, which then transforms into buildings that are admired, praised and desired.

Our dream is that one day the market will stop distinguishing aesthetics and functionality, and that no construction will take place without the respect of the neighbors, the improvement of the city, the preservation of natural resources and above all the residents who will live in them.